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Friday-Sunday, February 22-24, 2013

Burn Notice | Covert Affairs | Psych | Suits | White Collar

- The Birthday Date. Pairing(s): Fiona/Sam. Rating: PG-13. Author: merryghoul. Summary: Fiona skips a birthday date and takes a job for Sam. None of the following goes as expected.
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- Several Icons by poetfades2black. Multifandom.
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- Several Icons by poetfades2black. Multifandom.
- Transcript 2x05 "And Down the Stretch Comes Murder" over at psych_tv.
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- Mike/Rachel icons from S1 and S2 by hewontgo.
- Six Degrees of Mistrust. Chapter: 1 of ?. Character(s): Mike, Scotty, Jessica, Harvey. Rating: T/PG-13. Author: playthewoman. Summary: Shortly after the merger that created the legal giant that is Pearson&Darby, the firm is confronted with an apparently straightforward lawsuit, about which nothing is what it seems.
- Six Degrees of Mistrust. Chapter: 2 of ?. Character(s): Donna, Harvey, Mike, Rachel. Rating: T/PG-13. Author: playthewoman. Summary: in the aftermath of the merger, relationships unravel at the old Pearson & Hardman, as the landscape of the firm changes.
- And I Don’t Even Have to Say a Thing. Pairing(s): Donna/Harvey. Rating: T. Author: lizook12. Summary: And it’s practically nothing compared to the amount of paperwork she’s been buried under.
- Say a Little Prayer. Chapter: 3 of 3. Pairing(s): Harvey/Mike. Rating: M. Author: love2slash. Summary: Mike continues to have nightmares; Harvey continues to care.
- Connect the Dots. Pairing(s): Harvey/Mike. Rating: PG. Author: tattooedsiren. Summary: It's like a moment frozen in time, the three of them standing there in a shocked stupor, unable to move or speak.
- Of all the Gin Joints. Pairing(s): Harvey/Mike. Rating: R. Author: psyko_kittie. Summary: Originally LT JG Mike Ross's plan had been to have a few drinks at the first bar he found in Manhattan not overly crowded with sailors, marines, and coasties.
- aworldinside posted news about 2 Korsh Interviews Post finale.
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- Comic Strip: Shoot the Moon by ck11001.
Community Promotion
- New Comm: White Collar Squee over at wc_squee.
- Discussion on why Peter may be wrong over at wc_confab.
- Neal Caffrey's Greatest Fan Club. Character(s): Neal, Mozzie. Rating: G. Author: fatale.
- PIC: Peter looking confused from Season 1 over at daily_neal.
- PIC: Elizabeth looking confused at her phone over at daily_wc.
- PIC: Peter and Neal sitting together over at timdekay_daily.
- PIC: Neal tying a tie over at daily_neal.
- PIC: Elizabeth and Peter giggling on chair over at daily_wc.
- Ep 4x14 recap Part 1 by china_shop.
- Ep 4x14 recap Part 2 by china_shop.
- PIC: Peter smiling happily over at timdekay_daily.
- Ep 4x14 Screencaps courtesy of deny1984. 2672 caps. Sorted. HD. Logofree.
- PIC: Peter and Neal with whiskey over at daily_neal.
- Ep 4x14 Peter and Neal Screencaps over at kanarek13. Logofree. 1920x1080px. 627 caps.
- PIC: Peter and Neal asking questions over at daily_wc.
- PIC: Peter and Neal in a fancy room over at timdekay_daily.
- madwriter223 is looking for fluff fics.
- madwriter223 is looking for a bonding fic.
- REC: That Don't Impress Me Much (Diana). Song: That Don't Impress Me Much. Song Artist: Shania Twain. Clips: through 4x13. By: treonb. Recced By: love_82.
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